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Company Profile

K.P Company Limited (in short KP) was founded in 1940s by Mr. Khambay Philaphandeth under the old name of Khambay Philaphandeth Company Limited. At the time of political turbulence in Laos in 1970s, KP was suspended and closed down until the second generation of the Philaphandeth’s family re-established the company and officially registered the company with Ministry of Industry and Commerce in 1995 under K.P Company Limited.

KP started off as a distribution company. Over the years, it has expanded its business to cover joint-venture businesses. To date, there are 16 companies under the umbrella of KP Group. In the nutshell, KP has two main businesses namely, distribution and joint-venture.

For the distribution, KP has been the official distributor of many world-renowned products ranging from Fast Moving Consumer Good (FMCG) to automotive to agriculture and home improvement services.

KP is considerably one of the oldest and biggest distributors in the Lao market in terms of stock keeping units (SKUs). The company is always looking out for more suppliers and business partners whom see the value in ethical business, sustainable partnership and mutual benefits that can enhance the lifestyles of the consumers in Laos and create positive impact to the Lao community.

In the pursuit of excellence and moving towards to the international standards, KP has been given ISO 9001 since 2014.


KP is currently managed by the second and third generation of the Philaphandeth’s family. Mr. Khemsath Philaphandeth, the second son of Khambay Philaphandeth, who has years of doing businesses in Japan and Thailand, is now serving as the President of the company.

KP has a clear vision of being the most admired distribution company in the Lao market. Guided by the vision, KP has always been striving to be better everyday under the motto of “Together for a better tomorrow”. This very simple motto conveys great meaning of being inclusive of all stakeholders involved in the business chain, and it guides the company in its daily operations for always inspiring to become a quality company, molding its staff to become quality employees and bringing in quality products to the Lao market.

Together with Mr. Khemsath Philphandeth are the highly competent executive vice presidents who oversee and manage different functions in the company.


KP classifies its products into four main groups namely, FMCG, Automotive, Agriculture and Construction Material Services (CMS).


KP has won numerous awards in the local and regional scenes. These awards are the testaments of KP’s pursuit of excellence and willingness to integrate into the regional and international markets.